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Lymphatic drainage therapy (device)

Lymphatic drainage therapy relieves swelling, contributes to the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, removes harmful substances from metabolism, improves blood circulation, supplies tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Little exercise, improper diet causes the lymph to slow down and many harmful substances are found in the human body. All this has a negative effect on the organism and causes various swellings, a feeling of tired and heavy legs. Thanks to pressotherapy, harmful waste substances, toxins, salts and dead cells are washed away from our body. This therapy has regenerative, detoxifying, relaxing effects. Pressotherapy reduces the blood flow in a given part of the body and thus a smaller amount of lymph is formed. Therefore, it is always necessary to use an elastic bandage on the body after lymphatic drainage (elastic stockings, sleeves, trousers, socks, knee socks...). The lymphatic system is dependent on the internal contractions of the smooth muscle cells in the walls of the lymph. Lymphatic drainage is not recommended for oncological diseases, high fever, metabolic disorders, and increased activity of the thyroid gland.