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Bath house with pool and salt cave

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Electrotherapy belongs to physical therapy, which uses the healing effect of various forms of electrical energy. Electrotherapy mainly uses its analgesic effects, often improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition, suppresses inflammatory activity and thus facilitates movement functions. The principle of electrotherapy consists in nerve and muscle stimulation with an alternating electric current of different frequency and duration. The system is suitable for supportive physical treatment of various neurological, orthopedic, internal and other diseases accompanied by pain and increased or decreased muscle tension. Electrotherapy uses the effect of low, medium and high frequency current on the human body and is a suitable complement to other physiotherapeutic procedures. The type of electrotherapy is determined by the doctor. Contraindications are magnesium conditions, bleeding conditions, pacemaker, sensitivity disorders, scars, pregnancy, menses, skin damage, dehydration. Metal in the flow path is not recommended by the doctor.