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Bath house with pool and salt cave

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Classical massage

Classical massage is primarily used to relieve stress and mental tension, it also has significant therapeutic effects. During the massage, there is increased blood flow to the tissues, support for digestion and stimulation of metabolism. This allows increased excretion of waste substances from the body. Massage also helps to remove the accumulated sap in some organs, ensures even blood circulation in the body and at the same time improves the flow of energy. In the case of using aromatic oils, the brain and central nervous system are also affected, and therefore also the psychological state. Of course, massage also has its contraindications, which include pregnancy, varicose veins, cancer, magnesium, infectious or acute inflammatory diseases, severe bleeding conditions and circulatory disorders, diseases of the abdominal cavity and drunkenness. It is also not suitable to have a massage immediately after a meal or after heavy physical exertion.