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Reflexology massage

Reflexology massage is one of the very old treatment techniques that we use today mainly to relax stiff muscles and overall relaxation and regeneration of the body. However, thanks to its connection with other treatment systems and enrichment with various aids, a large number of problems can be treated with the help of massage and their symptoms can be alleviated or completely eliminated. One of its forms, which has a very positive effect on the human organism, is reflexology massage . The essence of reflex massage is the fact that there are nerve endings on the peripheral areas of the body, through the stimulation of which it is possible to have a very effective effect even on distant organs. It is therefore possible to alleviate their pain or completely restore their proper function. The mutual connection of reflex zones with internal organs is also evidenced by the fact that when an organ is damaged, changes also appear on the surface of the body. The place becomes painful to the touch, and an experienced therapist can fairly reliably determine which organ is not working properly with the help of touch, and is therefore able to restore the disturbed balance in the body. During reflex massage, there are both local effects, i.e. tissue blood flow and an increase in temperature in these places, but also distant effects, which is the already mentioned effect on the organs that are nervously connected to the area on which pressure is applied. Excellent effects were achieved with this therapy especially in the treatment of infertility, migraines, back pain, joint pain, sleep disorders, post-traumatic conditions and digestive problems. Reflexology massages can be performed at any age, but must not be performed in patients with a transplanted organ. In such a case, there is a danger of activating one's own defense mechanisms against the transplanted organ.