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Bath house with pool and salt cave

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Swimming pool (5.5m x 4m x 1.2m)

The newly reconstructed relaxation pool has one strong water jet, creating a counter current, which can be used for a strong back massage or as a difficulty in classic swimming. The direction and strength of the jet can be regulated.

Kneipp walkway

This alternating Kneipp foot bath, usually consists of 2 walkways or tanks with warm and cold water. The bottom of tanks or walkways can be covered with pebbles, which stimulate and massage the soles of the feet when walking. Cold water should be a maximum of 15 °C, warm water is usually heated to 40 °C. It is recommended to first soak your feet in a warm bath and then cool them down sharply. You should repeat this for at least 5 minutes.

Steam bath

A steam bath, or steam for short, uses warm water vapor. Unlike a sauna, steam works with very high humidity (usually up to 100%). The air heating temperature then depends on the specific type of steam chamber. When staying in our hotel, you can experience a classic steam bath with a steam temperature of 40 - 50 °C and a humidity of 100%. This type is the most widespread and the most popular in our conditions.  A steam bath has beneficial effects on both the human body and psyche. Staying in the steam relaxes and improves blood flow to the muscles, harmful substances are washed away from the body and the steam also has a beneficial effect on breathing difficulties. The steam bath is recommended for asthmatics, allergy sufferers and patients with bronchitis. Thanks to increased sweating, the steam cleans the pores and especially women will appreciate the beneficial effect on cellulite. On the other hand, staying in a steam room is not recommended for people with inflammatory skin diseases, bronchitis, cardiac patients and epileptics.