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Bath house with pool and salt cave

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High-performance laser treatment

As a result of the action of laser light, cells of tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles regenerate faster. Laser therapy is therefore also effective for open wounds or active scars. The laser desensitizes nerves by reducing the amount of a pain-inducing chemical called bradykinin . The maximum performance enables exceptionally deep penetration of the laser light, the optimal ratio of absorption and penetration depth guarantees effective stimulation of tissues and pain receptors up to a depth of 12 cm. High power laser therapy is a simple and effective treatment with no side effects that can be targeted at any painful area outside the eyes. Wavelengths 810/980nm and 1064 nm are specific high effect on biological chromophores, this allows maximum effect without irradiating the surrounding area. The laser has a very high clinical success rate with long-term effects and a strong analgesic effect without the need for pharmacotherapy. The HIL laser helps to treat muscle injuries, ankle distortions, ruptures, muscle strains, attachment pain, epicondylitis, Achilles tendon pain, heel spur syndrome, vertebrogenic problems and the spine, helps to reduce the pain of degenerative arthritic joints, including chronic pain. Contraindications include the eye area, pregnancy, fever, and malignant tumors.