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Bath house with pool and salt cave

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The Solux, or infrared lamp, is a device that will be loved by everyone who likes pleasant warmth. The principle of solux is very simple. The device emits infrared waves that our body absorbs. In the deeper parts of the subcutaneous tissue, water molecules vibrate, creating heat. This is very pleasant and of course has very significant health effects on the whole organism. Unlike a biolamp, solux affects a much larger area of the body and the heating is more even. However, the two names are often confused. Nitric oxide is released from the blood vessels into the blood due to the heat, and together with it, other harmful substances also leave the body. The blood vessels are more permeable and the body is generally regenerated. Solux is used as a tool for the treatment of osteoarthritis, inflammation or swelling. It also works great as an immunity booster and helps in the fight against respiratory diseases. By using an infrared lamp, you can get rid of bacteria and viruses in your body more easily. The heat generated by solux can also help with pain and is also used to relax muscles, for example, after a hard workout.  Solux is great for healing scars. It is also used to treat acne.  Only pregnant women, people undergoing cancer treatment and young children should avoid phototherapy. A pacemaker, coagulation disorders or body oil are also contraindications  . When heat is generated, these products could heat up inappropriately and cause you nasty burns.