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Paraffin hand wrap

Paraffin is the name for a special wax that is obtained during the distillation of oil. Its advantage, and at the same time the reason why it is used in wraps, is its ability to retain heat for a long time, which can penetrate the skin in contact with the skin and thus warm the treated areas. Under normal conditions, paraffin is in the form of a solid wax, which must be warmed to a liquid state before being applied to the skin. The temperature of such a mass is then around 55 °C. It is then applied to the client's body, where it acts for 20-30 minutes. During them, the tissues are gradually warmed up and their blood flow increases, which accelerates cell metabolism, leads to regeneration at the site of action and relieves muscle and joint tension. For this reason, paraffin wraps are often part of rehabilitation treatment. Indications are diseases of the musculoskeletal system of a post-traumatic or degenerative nature, for example chronic rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disease, Bechterev's disease, tennis elbow, various neurological diseases, peripheral blood circulation disorders, and they are also used in painful conditions, when it brings significant pain relief. Of course, paraffin wraps also have their contraindications, which are open wounds, magnesium conditions, pregnancy, acute skin diseases or hypersensitivity to heat.