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Oxygen therapy

The essence of oxygen therapy is the inhalation of oxygen in a higher concentration than that in which it is present in the air. This also increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood, accelerates blood circulation and more oxygen also reaches the tissues. As oxygen is needed to obtain energy during cellular metabolism, its deficiency leads to a reduced amount of energy, memory disorders, reduced performance, slowed reactions, migraines, or reduced quality of vision and hearing. If we increase the supply of oxygen to the body, cells can produce more energy, growth and regeneration are accelerated, wound healing is improved and the aging process is generally slowed down. If you decide to undergo oxygen therapy, you can also expect that the body will relax and calm down during the procedure, fatigue will wash away and your mental state will improve. Oxygen therapy can be used not only in the state of illness, it is also suitable for preventive purposes, as it helps strengthen the immune system, acts against infections, cardiovascular and tumor diseases, migraines, and also has a beneficial effect on hypertension, diabetes, post-infarction conditions or cardiac arrhythmia. Furthermore, the positive effect of oxygen therapy is an increase in physical condition, acceleration of regeneration after sports performance and the pumping of new strength after demanding brain activity. However, due to its medicinal effects, oxygen therapy is also indicated in the case of a whole range of diseases, especially respiratory tract diseases, such as bronchitis, asthma, and cardiovascular diseases. Contraindications to oxygen therapy are epilepsy, increased activity of the thyroid gland, and this procedure is also not recommended for people after organ transplantation.