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Dry carbonic bath

A dry carbonic bath is one of the oldest treatment and rehabilitation procedures used in spas and is used - among other things - to detoxify the body. Compared to water carbon baths, this method is performed dry in a gas bath and allows more intense penetration of CO2 through the skin. It is ideally performed in underwear, but it is not excluded to remain clothed.

Dry carbon baths are suitable for diseases of the locomotor system, peripheral blood circulation disorders, polyneuropathy, microangiopathy, varicose veins, algodystrophy, hypertension, etc. The procedure itself is pleasant for the patient, a euphoric feeling occurs, a tendency to sleep, a feeling of pleasant warmth, moistening of the skin and possible mild tingling. The procedure is among the highly effective, most pleasant and most used spa procedures. Thanks to it, you activate the detoxification of the organism, strengthen immunity and have beneficial effects on many organs and the whole body. This "bath" consists of enclosing the body (except the head) in a special bag filled with carbon dioxide. This procedure can be used as a separate regeneration, relaxation and reconditioning procedure, or it can be combined with a lymphatic massage . It is suitable for women and men, children and seniors without any risk. It can also be enjoyed by a breastfeeding or pregnant woman and other people who, due to their state of health, cannot afford another reconditioning procedure.