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Pneumopuncture (gas injections)

 The entire procedure is based on the application of a small amount of carbon dioxide into the subcutaneous tissue, where it is absorbed relatively quickly, so there is no risk of gas embolism. During the injection, you first feel a slight chill, which then alternates with a pleasant warmth. There is also a slight redness of the skin, which is caused by increased blood flow to the treated tissue. Due to the influence of carbon dioxide, not only the peripheral but also the coronary vessels expand, which improves blood flow to the heart muscle. Another of the beneficial effects on the body, which will be appreciated mainly by people suffering from high blood pressure, is the fact that due to irritation of the so-called vagus nerve, the heart rate decreases and, along with it, blood pressure. Considering that one of the properties of gas injections is pain relief, this therapy is recommended especially for headaches, thoracic spine, sacral region, and it also brings relief for inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases. Injections containing carbon dioxide help not only with pain of various kinds, but are also used in the treatment of ischemic disease of the lower limbs, peripheral vascular diabetic syndrome, leg ulcers or ischemic heart disease. In addition to the field of medicine, however, gas injections are also used in the cosmetic industry, where they have brought positive results in the strengthening of sagging parts, for example, a double chin, sagging abdomen or stretch marks, they have also helped to reduce swelling, the symptoms of cellulite and generally strengthen the tissue, which is especially used in anti- aging therapy. The beneficial effect on problems with psoriasis and hair loss cannot be neglected either. Contraindications to treatment with gas injections are local inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue at the treatment site and bleeding conditions. In other cases, however, it represents a relatively effective method of treating the above-mentioned problems.