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Bath house with pool and salt cave

Tel.:+420 353 224 451 Tel.:+420 602 288 794 Email: Pod Jelením skokem 395/26 36001 Karlovy Vary

LD Morava is located above the central colonade with geyseer "Vřídlo", about 250 meters from hot springs and spa center, in a calm environment below the rock with famous statue of deer "Jelení skok". The walk from hotel to hot springs can take you several minutes down the "Zamecké" stairs or you can use a spa lift. In LD MORAVA you can find home atmosphere and professional approach in providing all services for you.

History of spa hotel

After the Velvet Revolution, Ing. Ivan Báťa and JUDr. Jarmila Báťová to do business with glass. 
They gradually invited other family members, their daughter-in-law, her father and grandsons to their business.
 In 1996,  "Morava" building was purchased and reconstructed (now called B). 
Building A was added in 1998. 
Building C was newly built in 2006.
 Building D was added to the complex in 2012.